The Rising of JUUL – The Smoke of Innovation

The Rising of JUUL – The Smoke of Innovation


The empire of cigarettes has started to crumble now that alternatives like vaping have come into the picture. Yet, as more people have switching over to vaping, the time for yet another smoking revolution has arrived. The JUUL is an innovative closed vaping system that delivers a smooth tasting hit without the unwanted side effects of cigarettes or the bulk of other vaping units.


Since 2017, the e-cigarette market suddenly saw explosive growth—40% growth or $1.16 billion in profits—thanks to the popularity of JUUL, created by Pax Labs.


If you’re looking to buy a JUUL or learn more about this awesome e-cigarette experience, here’s everything you need to know:


JUUL Design

The JUUL form is nearly the same size as a traditional cigarette but looks more like a USB drive that fits into the palm of your hand. The device itself holds a battery, features a temperature regulation system, and a tiny LED light that shows how much charge remains. If you tap the head of the JUUL—just like tapping ash from a cigarette—the light blinks.


The second essential component would be the JUUL pods, which hold the flavored e-liquid. Some options include Cucumber, Cool Mint, Mango, and Classic Tobacco.  All you do is insert the pod, turn on the JUUL, and start inhaling the vapors. Such a seamless, light design and ease of use is one of the reasons why JUUL has become popular the young and old smokers alike.


Another reason JUUL has garnered such a following would be because of the punch each hit packs. Every JUUL pod contains 59 milligrams of nicotine per milliliter, while a typical e-cigarette only has nicotine levels between 6-30 milligrams per mL. However, JUUL uses “nicotine salt,” which creates a less irritating freebase nicotine that doesn’t aggravate the chest and lungs. Additionally, the smoke is less offensive than regular cigarettes and barely detectable.


About the JUUL Starter Kit

To get started with the JUUL experience, you’re going to want to buy the JUUL Starter Kit, which comes in a minimalistic cardboard box. Inside the kit, you’ll find everything you need to dive into this new vaping sensation, such as:


  • The JUUL vaping unit, battery included
  • Magnetic charger
  • 4 sample JUUL pods in different flavors like Cool Mint, Creme Brulee, Virginia Tobacco, and Fruit Medley
  • Usage instruction manual


JUUL Highlights & Final Thoughts

Here are the pros of the JUUL system:

  • Low maintenance system
  • Portable
  • USB charger
  • Takes 1 hour to charge
  • Single charge lasts 200 puffs
  • Mimics cigarette draw
  • Internal temperature regulator ensuring no dry hits
  • Pod juice is non-tobacco sourced “nicotine salts”


If you never thought you would love vaping or using an e-cigarette, then it’s time to give JUULing a try. Not only is the device lightweight, discrete, and very portable, the pod flavors are on point. Enjoy getting a buzz in one or two puffs throughout the day with the JUUL.