JUUL vs Cigarettes: Is It Really Worth It?

Hey everyone, today we're going to visit a topic that I get asked all the time. As a former smoker for many years who now JUULs, I believe I have met all requirements to converse with you folks about this. When I bring up the JUUL to my tobacco smoking friends, they instantly disregard it and I understand why. Over the past 20 years there have been so many attempts at making an e-cig that just did not feel like a cigarette, or act as a true alternative to smoking. That's where JUUL is different, because with it's salt nicotine formula, it has a hit similar if not better than a cigarette. On the off chance that you resemble me and smoke tobacco items and are potentially considering JUUL as an option, you should investigate the realities about both. These realities should help settle on your choice considerably simpler. Most likely you've heard vaping is preferred for you over smoking, yet perhaps this article will make it considerably clearer. 


Smoking cigarettes can be an exceptionally costly propensity. The average cost of a pack of cigarettes in the assembled states is $6.16 after expenses. In the event that you smoke one pack multi day, your yearly expenses would be $2,285 every year. This could change, be that as it may, as the more you smoke, the more dependent you move toward becoming. A pack of cigarettes a day could transform into two, and the costs just deteriorate. A JUUL, on the other hand, is a considerably less costly venture. One pack of JUUL pods is 16 dollars and contains 4 pods. These units are every proportionate to a pack of cigarettes, and by doing some basic computations it is anything but difficult to see that the reserve funds are gigantic. Utilizing one JUUL pod daily, your yearly expenses are about $1,471, nearly $1,000 less expensive than tobacco. 

Synthetic compounds 

Although most know this, it is important to note that while tobacco can be extremely harmful, JUUL also has synthetic substances in them. In regards to synthetic compounds, both tobacco and e-fluid have synthetic substances that af
With regards to synthetic compounds, both tobacco and e-fluid both have synthetic substances in them that influence your body. The distinction between the two is the sheer number of synthetic concoctions contained inside them. A JUUL or other comparable vape has around 45 distinct sorts of synthetic concoctions in the e-fluid that gets vaporized. Then again, smoke from a cigarette has more than 4,000 unique synthetic compounds including 42 known cancer-causing agents and 400 different poisons. In layman's terms, a cigarette has an indistinguishable number of cancer-causing synthetics from a JUUL has by and large. This straightforward reality alone ought to be sufficient to persuade you to change from tobacco items to a Juul for your smoking discontinuance. On the off chance that placing synthetics into your body is something that you don't care for doing, at that point doing the switch is something that you should consider.

Wellbeing and Security

Beside the conspicuous concoction advantages of a JUUL over tobacco items, a JUUL has numerous security favorable circumstances over conventional tobacco items and even different vapes too. Cigarettes should be presented to an open fire, and this fire can be a well-being risk. Things, for example, hair and apparel can burst into flames, and consuming cigarette butts can begin out of control fires on the off chance that they are not appropriately discarded. While a conventional vape is more secure than the open flares of a stogie or cigarette, cheated batteries can spill or even burst. As far as security, the JUUL is to finish everything. No open blazes and no cheated batteries imply that you can rest guaranteed that you are sheltered.


Picking a Juul is the correct decision on the off chance that you are hoping to quit smoking. As far as value, security, and substance, a JUUL is far better than both tobacco items and customary vapes. Make the switch today and help both your lungs and your wallet. Get started now with a Starter Kit which comes with 4 JUUL pods, and take 10% off your order with code QUITSMOKING.

I hope this article helped you in some way. If you have a smoker friend, share this with them so they too can benefit. Thanks for reading.